Finding cost-saving opportunities

Procurement improvement is one of the biggest challenges (and opportunities) facing multi-divisional retailers doing business in the Asia and Indian subcontinent.

Better upstream supply chain management is now targeted as a predominant contributor to better business performance.

But, alongside room for improvement comes the opportunity for great rewards.

As larger retailers, already established in buying through agents in their home countries or overseas, move to the next phase of business, the need to keep close to what’s going on is essential.

For a retailer to achieve the savings sought from establishing their own sourcing operation, it’s generally understood that better long-term product planning is needed. But keeping close to ongoing development issues like tracking vendor selection and production management can still separate success from failure.

Having the right systems in place that provide this visibility is a prerequisite.

What our customers say

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You’d be amazed how many ‘disconnects’ there are in how people do business with Asia.

Even those who should know better and have been around for ages still don’t really know what’s going on with their products

Jack Schumacher
Ex CEO WalMart, Keynote Address, Woolworths Australia