Having the right people, processes and systems in place is the perfect blend for an optimised supply chain.

Process Mapping & Network Modelling

We use state-of-the-art technology to map out our customers’ business processes through comprehensive diagrams to visually represent the workflow. This allows us to be more dynamic and agile; to model your business processes to be future-fit and ensure continuous improvements within the process life cycles.

Container & Carton Space Optimisation

We strive to ensure that every inch of the containers and cartons are being utilised to maximum capacity, thus reducing costs, wasted space and promoting sustainability. We have a range of programs we implement with our customers and their suppliers to drive these initiatives, and we monitor and report on these consistently.

Up Stream Quality Control Processes

We facilitate upstream quality control within the Allport Cargo Services consolidation centres. We align with your business framework of quality management to ensure improved output; reduced downstream costs and complications; and save time. We partner with our customers to ensure all their quality control needs and requirements are met.

Pick & Pack

Our world-class origin and destination facilities have pick and pack functionality. That means store-ready order processing and faster turnaround time at destination. Our team of experts use a high level of coordination and attention to detail along with the best pick and pack strategies, to ensure our customers’ orders are fulfilled.

Business Intelligence Visualisation Tools

We believe in equipping our customers to make quick and effective decisions. Our business intelligence tools are fully customisable to fit our customers’ needs. We provide historic analytics, as well as proactive insights in the control tower, to enable well-informed decision-making, be it operational, and/or strategic. Our business intelligence cube transforms data mining into understandable visualizations through smart data processing across multiple platforms.

Port Rationalisation

We optimise your supply chain by ensuring maximum volumes through the most cost-effective ports and limiting smaller volumes through smaller and outlying ports. To achieve results; our network actively collaborates with all necessary stakeholders. Our customers’ end benefits include reduced costs; maximised utilisation and improved supply chain efficiencies.