Supply Chain Management

Count on the best in the industry, for your business. We are market leaders in multimodal international supply chain management solutions that suit all transportation requirements. Our specialist teams design powerful solutions that combine technology-led supply chain visibility and international customs expertise.

At Allport Cargo Services’ decades of local expertise combine with a powerful global network to provide unsurpassed freight management services.

Our incredible people, cutting-edge technology-led systems and best-in-class infrastructure all work together to create opportunities for your business to thrive.


Allport Cargo Services is a global leader in air freight management.

We will make sure your business really flies.
Get used to super-efficient processing of inbound and outbound shipments; dedicated, secure ground-handling facilities and planned door-to-door deliveries.

We have long standing relationships with many of the world’s major airlines. That means we can effectively negotiate space; secure competitive rates and navigate service continuity during peak periods; or when volumes fluctuate.

Eco Air

We work dynamically on a global scale to maintain speed and be cost-efficient. We utilise both rapid sea and premium air freight.

Dedicated and Secure

Dedicated, secure handling of your cargo means efficient processing of in-bound and out-bound freight.

Flexible Options

Our specialist teams can tailor a range of services and routes to meet your cargo requirements.


Allport Cargo Services provides a worldwide network of local teams. They provide customs clearance processing and compliance services. Our teams accelerate the final delivery to your receiving door, whether it is to store, warehouse or distribution hub.

Allport Cargo Services team of experts have the global expertise, experience and excellence to clear your shipments and keep your cargo moving. We will be there for you, wherever in the world you need us, regardless of volume, scope or scale.

We provide a full portfolio of services, including:

Customs declarations. We handle all types of customs declarations across a diverse range of transport modes. Whether it’s cross-border trade, transhipments, exports,or imports.

Customs warehousing (managing data conformance in third party or customers’ own facilities). We support customs compliance and ensure that regulatory and statutory protocols are executed for import/export declarations. We provide processing and providing a local point of contact for customs advice globally.

Lead Times

We optimise lead times, freight costs and shipping administration to create efficiencies.

Customs Declarations

To meet statutory and regulatory requirements, we ensure transparency and adherence to a successful hybrid of traditional and technology-driven processes.

Local Knowledge

Our global network offers specialists with local knowledge and expertise.


We partner with the world’s leading freight carriers to manage the importing and exporting of shipments globally. Allport Cargo Services operates from all major shipping ports worldwide.

As market leaders in sea freight, our experts provide comprehensive personalised services through our global network. We have a diverse wealth of local knowledge worldwide.

Our sea freight services include:

  • Full container loads (FCL)
  • Buyers’ consolidations of own cargo or shared – loads
  • Less than container load (LCL)
  • Break Bulk
We offer cargo consolidation opportunities and optimisation solutions for wherever your freight needs to go. Our best-in-class teams equip you with supply chain solutions and strategic global coverage across a trusted worldwide network. On-the-ground experts navigate the relevant regulatory frameworks and requirements to ensure fuss-free, efficient import and export compliance.

Allport Cargo Services offer flexible transit times and competitive sea freight rates with options best suited to your business. We partner with leading global freight carriers to safeguard capacity on busy routes and keep your cargo moving. Our team of experts ensure that our customers, no matter how large or small, have the solutions that match their requirements.

Scalable Solutions

We offer flexible shipping times, competitive rates and expert knowledge to ensure world-class service to businesses of all sizes.

Flexible and Reliable

Our supply chain reacts rapidly to changes in demand to ensure flexibility, reduced delays and relevant visibility.

Unrivalled Capacity

We partner with leading international sea freight companies to safeguard capacity on busy routes and in high demand seasons.


Connect your business to opportunities anywhere and everywhere. Our network of traffic hubs offers you direct and part-load overland freight services.

From a few cartons to regular multiple loads, we offer personalised and effective optimisation of your supply chain. Our team of experts will develop the best solution for your needs, so your cargo is always delivered safely and efficiently.

Our highly skilled team offers a variety of value-added services and regular departure intervals. That means flexibility, significant cost-efficiency and agile freight optimisation for cargo of all types, including full loads, part loads and cold-chain.

Our digitisation journey has allowed us to include the additional benefit of tracking:

  • Location
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Shock
  • Humidity

Direct Services

We offer direct connections and optimised solutions across the globe.

Value Added Services

Our freight centres offer a variety of value-added services. These include load consolidation and quality control with daily departures by groupage and full load.

Optimised Routing

Our hubs are strategically placed to optimise routes and offer regular, flexible services across all regions.


Rail delivers fast, low cost and environmentally-friendly solutions.
With seamless connections to a range of locations and major supply chain hubs, rail means an attractive option for your freight solutions.

Rail offers an efficient and reliable alternative to air and sea freight. Sustainable, fast, cost efficient and punctual, rail is an increasingly popular way to optimise your supply chain.

Our rail freight team are experts in designing supply chain opportunities, working to provide fast and direct overland services between mainland destinations. Our comprehensive rail services include: door-to-door deliveries; cross-docking and customs clearance; transport insurance; special safety and monitoring devices; and less-than-full-load consignments.


We offer a variety of transport options for all freight sizes, ensuring an optimised supply chain.


Short and direct transit times offer a savings on supply chain costs.


Rail offers an environmentally friendly alternative to road or air freight.